Spring 2017 is over

Hello all,

It is quite odd to think that by the end of the month, I will be a rising senior at the illustrious Spelman College. quite unbelievable. But as the Spring ends, the anxiety comes back and increases the longer I wait for an internship offer.

Anyway, I am here to briefly talk about my domestic exchange experience at Barnard College of Columbia University in the City of New York. did I get it right?

So I have not told you but I got to enrol in amazing courses this semester, and I have learnt and grown so much this semester. I have made incredible connections with inspiring human beings and I could not have had a better experience, you know, appart from the depression and all.

I have been lucky enough to get in Professor Yasmine Ergas’ course at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, where we have been looking at populist movements around the world and their stance on women’s rights. Using UN Women’s Constitutional Database, which is pretty amazing, we observed the compatibility and compliance of those mouvements’ policies with their countries’ constitutions and with international law. Thanks to that course, last week, I had the opportunity to participate, and to present research at the UN Women Symposium on Gender, Law and Constitutions at the United States Institute for Peace, where again, I met fabulous women (and men) who are as passionate about gender and international affairs as I am. My research focused on Marine Le Pen and her twisted views on LGBT rights and the place of the woman in the family. yes, I am very scared for Sunday.

On another note, this semester, and the courses I have been taking, had me thinking a lot on the question of identity and what it means to be me, who am I, or who should I be. A think piece to come very soon on that, as soon as I can properly form my thoughts.

Anyway, if anyone would like to employ me this summer, please let me know, I am very sweet and I can work really hard, with my brain mostly. (i am very serious).

See you soon!


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