#TyshaTakesNYC (en)

Hello beautiful humans,

For those of you who do not know yet, I am back in the city that never sleep, the big apple, the one and only New York City. And I already hear you asking: so all this travel, what of school? Do you still go to Spelman? Did you transfer?  So let’s start of by saying that I am still and always will (at least until I walk under that arch and become a Spelman Woman), a proud Spelmanite.

But for now, I am getting the most out of my junior year, participating in domestic exchange for the year at two different institutions. The same way people go abroad for a year or a semester, this foreign girl has decided to stay within the U.S. borders at attend other American schools, because why not. As I previously mentioned, I was in Washington D.C. at American University last semester, and I have decided and was selected to participate in an exchange at Barnard College/Columbia University this Spring semester, so that is where I will be. I will be taking classes here which credits will count toward my B.A. at the Illustrious Spelman College (after probably very long talks with the registrar but let’s not think about that yet).

I will be back at 350 Spelman Lane in the Fall 2017 (for my LAST college year!!!).

Anyway, I am at Barnard and I am LUVIN’ it! I was lucky to get housing on campus, in a single room, (so who is coming to visit?), and so because Barnard is situated in Manhattan, in the Upper West Side, well, that is where I am as well! I am not literally on campus, but I am only 5 minutes away walking which would hopefully make ya girl lose a few lbs.

It has only been one week, but again, I am truly enjoying it. I apologise, I started writing this post with the intend of adding photos of the city taken by yours truly but, like the true millennial that I am, I posted all of my pictures to snapchat (tyshaxo, add me), and I saved nenhumas. So if you follow me on there, you know that I went to see Chicago on Broadway this past Saturday, it was my second broadway show and I cannot wait to see more (when I will be able to afford it).

Now, regarding classes, which is after all mainly what we are here for right, my schedule is not completely finalised yet (first time in five semester that I am not registered MONTHS in advance and I am not even freaking out jk I AM), so I will talk more about it next week, because it will be fixed.

See you soon babes,


Your fav blogger,


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