2016, is FINALLY over.

Hey humans!

Here I am finally, on December 31st 2016!

2016 was an interesting year, won’t you say so? and, personally, it was was of the best year of my life. sorry not sorry. Okay, yeah, universally, it was a $hitty year, but for Faty, it wasn’t an unpleasant was of spending 365 days. As you already know, I did and presented research TWICE in 6 months, the lowest grade I obtained this entire year was a A-, and I got a perfect GPA this semester. I also spent my summer in the wonderful place that is Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and my fall at the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and their amazing Middle East Books. So academically and professionally speaking, I had an awesome year!

Alright, I confess, financially and emotionally it was not the BEST year (not at all). So I have this problem where my subconscious self believes that I am Rothschild’s daughter and does not seem to comprehend what “living on a budget” means. It was then indeed a difficult year, especially when you add the “misunderstanding” that happened with my scholarship, leaving me broke AF (and seriously considering dancing on a pole). Anyway, I end 2016 financially worse than I started it (even I did not know that was possible). Now emotionally. Well, one of the reason why I did not write as much (at all), was mainly because of my mental state. Mentally and emotionally, it was not quite easy because 2016 marked ten years since my aunt and my father reached the stars. And I remember telling 2006 Faty that everything will be alright in ten years, but I was wrong. And then comes in my insecurities, my lack of self-love, and my abundance of self-doubt, which, all mixed together, do not make the most tasteful cocktail. However for the first time in ten years, I sought help. I acknowledged that I had issues and that I needed to find solutions. There were ups and downs, but al-hamdulillah, I made it, and I am better. And I am proud of myself for that. So overall, I would say that 2016 was okay.

I am not going to make empty promises this time of the year, because I do not want to be reminded of them by my mother, nor to have Joy who i will miss a bit ask me all the was from Dakar “don’t you have a blog?”. Anyway, I invite you to become a better self within the next 365 (6?) days, and I wish you all an excellent 2017.


With hope and love,


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