The Frenchie in DC – On to a good start!

Good evening humans!

As some of you people might already know, I am currently in Washington, D.C., and honestly, it feels like I am at the center of the world!

First things first, for those who do not know why or that I am even in the capital city, let me explain. I am participating in an exchange program at American University (which is located in DC). The program I’m a part of is the Washington Semester Program, and I am enrolled in the International Law and Organizations concentration. From Monday to Wednesday morning, I am supposed to be interning, and for the rest of the week, I have to attend seminars. The seminars consist of lectures, discussion, field visits, and guest lecturers cool, right? There are 18 other humans in my concentration which I really like because I don’t do people, coming from all over the world, and we all share one professor, Dr. Maisch.

As you may guess, a girl is rather busy, and has tons of readings to do, but I am really passionate about the subject matter, making it less of a burden however those who knobarbarastephensonw me well know that being a nerd doesn’t prevent me from being le procrastinator. Anyway, last week started pretty well. On
Wednesday afternoon, I attended a talk by the Honorable Ambassador Barbara Stephenson what a title!, former American ambassador to Panama and President of the American Foreign Service Association. It was quite a motivating speech, in which she mentioned the new global threats, which are now non-state actors, such as global warming yes it is real, and global epidemics. She also highlighted the importance of international affairs in this new age. The next day, we went to the United Nations Information Center and met with it’s Director, M. Robert Skinner. We obviously talked about the UN, its history and its role, as well as the new challenges the international organizations now face, such as Daesh, and its quite problematic if you ask me administration and functioning. And next week, we are going to the Holocaust Museum.

Enough about school, let’s talk about the cool tings aka the capital city! I have to admit that I might have just fallen in love with DC… sorry NYC. I am lucky to live 5 minutes walking from AU, and the bus ride to downtown is only about 25 minutes! I live in a pretty nice neighborhood, very green but quite urbanized i like that *DJ KHALED voice*. I share an apartment with Joy, my Nigerian babes, it feels weird to have our own place! Here she is, followed by my working space adulting, i’m telling y’all, our living room, and my side of the room. 🙂


Alright, catch me tomorrow for another episode in The Frenchie in DC series!

À plus les minus,



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