Summer Sixteen (en)

Hi humans!

I am definitely two weeks late, but you still love me right? In my defense, the last two weeks were a bit crazy, and super busy, and you’ll know why in a moment. exciting, i know

Let’s throw it all the way back to Spring 2016. As I mentioned two weeks ago, I spent the semester stressed out, trying to see what the summer and the next year would look like for me. I literally pulled all nighters, first and foremost researching programs, internships, and any form of opportunities available to me, as an international student studying international relations and women’s studies, aka close to none. I needed something 1.) for the entire summer, 2.) preferably out of the atl, 3.) that would be an enriching and useful learning experience for my career goals, and 4.) that I could affordbecause a girl is broke so. Please, if you wish to spend your summer doing something in addition to binge watching Netflix who said working 9-5 prevented you from doing so? they liedwhat’s a social life?, please, start looking for stuff early, like January early. It will give you time to write your cover letter, build up your resumé, and such. Also, ?MAJOR KEY ALERT?, ask around, make your plans known to your professors, mentors etc. the people you know know the people you want to know!

So fortunately, I managed to find a research program at Louisiana State University, called the Pre-Doctoral Scholar Institute yes that’s me in the yellow shirt, no it’s not my best angle. I was advised to apply by one of my beautiful international Spelman sister, who had participated in the program the year before. She helped me with my application (again, thank you Mode) and I was accepted in the program. The PDSI is an intensive four weeks research program, where you are paired with a mentor in your field, who helps you conduct your research. My mentor, Dr. Leonard Ray, helped me develop my research question, provided me with databases, and introduced me the wonderful world of SPSS. I did research in Political Science/International Relations/Gender Studies and I looked at the  relationship between post-colonial legacy and the political and socioeconomic status of women in Guinea and Senegal. I presented my findings at the end of the program again, just call me Tysha Tha Presenta’, which got me a nice little certificate. And, miraculously, I did not melt in the Baton-Rouge heat/humidity.



Fast forward to the day after the presentation, I landed in New York City. Yes, NYC baby!

Why NYC you ask? Well turns out your girl landed an internship with Planned Parenthood Federation of America. After applying around late march, interviewing first on the phone and then on Skype around April, I was offered later that month (or early May, who knows it’s all so blurrya position as a Global Communications Intern at Planned Parenthood Global (which is the international arm of PPFA). I worked all summer under Lori Adelman, who is honestly, truly one of the most amazing woman I have ever met (I already got the internship, I know). I did a little bit of archiving, and lots of social media, they call me the social media guru. BTW NOW THAT YOU’RE HERE, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND TUMBLR. I learnt quite a lot and became even more interested than I already was on sexual and reproductive rights, health, and justice. I realized that SRHR are at the core of  global development, and that anybody who is anti-SRHR is really just against human development, and super misogynist. I mean, hello! We live in a world where 225 MILLION women don’t have access to modern contraceptive methods, or where in some places half of the pregnancies are unintended, and don’t even get me started on abortion legislations, maternal mortality, or teen pregnancy. How is that okay? How is it okay to try to make this situation worse than it is? But then again, marginalized women are mostly affected so, who cares? Anyway, I had a great time at PP Global and I have gained a whole new family full of amazing human beings i will be back!

image is by yours truly, be blessed.IMG_1211

I want to stress how stressful the whole process of looking and applying to programs while trying to nail my classes was, and how grateful I am for the amazing support system I had while doing so, y’all the real MVPs.

Alright, this is a bit long, so I shall stop now. Oh if you want to find out what I have been up to for the past two week, rendez-vous sunday mi loves.






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