Welcome to le blog de Faty

Good afternoon, or evening depending on where on earth you areI am truly, deeply, sincerely sorry I have abandoned you for so long.

Welcome to le blog de Faty! As you can see, we have grown both me and my blog, and we are looking good, aren’t we? Anyway, if you’re reading this, thank you for being here. I feel like Bob from Bob’s burgers for always having grand re-re-re-openings, but I promise, this is not like the countless other times. No this time we are back, still black, and better. And here to stay.

I’m trying this whole adulting thing and this new site is part of my checklist. and hopefully you will see me cross other things off my Adulting 101 checklist via le blog de Faty.


anyway, welcome to my world.


Stay tuned & stay cool,


Also, I hear you saying, hm k cool but WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN T? So here you go.

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