Sorry I’ve been MIA

Hi, again

Since the last time I wrote, long long long time ago, I have done many many things.

First things first, I am now a Junior, International Studies & Comparative Women Studies double major at the Illustrious Spelman College. I passed my sophomore finals with flying colors, my GPA is popping’, and I am glowing slowly but surely. During the spring semester, I was pushing twenty credits, taking two women studies courses CWS421 & 471, one international studies course IS212, one elective FLF302, Portuguese 202, and pointless SYE leadership. So let me tell you, Spring 2016 was NO joke, but it was very fulfilling.

Through my independent study course CWS421, I worked with Dr. Gradoville, a linguist, on a research project about gender and language. We looked at Brazil and Argentina, each of which both had male and female presidents consecutively, and the ways people talked about them on the internet. I would go more in depth about it, but I will end up re-writing my research paper, so let me stop here.Long story short, I ended up presenting my findings during Spelman College Research Day so you can call me Tysha Tha Presenta’.


I had the pleasure of working at an ADW and French tutor in our student success center and as a Portuguese tutor in the world languages lab, which gave me mad extra time to do finish my school assignmentsI also spent countless hours trying to figure out what I was going to do for the summer AND the upcoming academic year, and BOI, being an international student in the humanities is NOT easy yo… Thankfully plans worked out, and I ended up doing pretty cool things, which you will have the pleasure of hearing all about next sunday!


Stay fresh,


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