Let’s Get Started!

Here we are, March 10th 2014 and I am in ……….ATLANTA.
So, I left and arrived safe and sound on August 14th.. What did I do during all this time? Ah good question. I had the pleasure to be a part of the lovely Georgia Tech Language Institute (GO JACKETS!!!), where we have been rigorously prepared for the American academic level. It sincerely helped me a lot. On top of that, I made friends from all around the worldliterally, and I learned how to say good bye in 9 different languages, among other things, how cool is that?
Concerning colleges and universities, I am currently indefinitely waiting to hear back from them, to know where I will be next year… *insert longless suspense here*
Anyway, I will keep you updated,
Muuuuuch love,

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